Tetr & Aeder


Process alignment in the midst of transformation turbulence.

Address challenges and implement processes from start to completion to unlock digital growth potential and deploy end-to-end solutions. Tetr & Aeder Consultants is a Dutch Firm that provides the expertise that is not available promptly or not sufficiently available within an organization at a particular moment.



Collaboration for holistic solutions.


Successfully delivered transformation.


Working with different nationalities. 

Core values

Digtal Transformation - Change Management

Meeting the ever-changing needs

Achieve goals and build momentum. Ultimately the results are noticeable. Proven results are advantageous, and the way that leads to this is crucial for achieving a good result.


Tetr & Aeder Consultants is an SME with co-creations and partnerships. We support trust in the digital transformation, advise, implement and strengthen standards, data security along legal requirements in consultation with all stakeholders and beneficiaries.


We support the significance of digital technologies that provide global growth potential by putting people first.


Banking - Finance- Insurances


Knowledge,- Research Institutions


Pharmaceuticals - Biotechnology


Energy - Mobility


Others and Government

Reducing digital friction and improving relationships

Without the crucial competency of digital dexterity, change resistance remains dormant. Digital dexterity is fundamental to avoid unnecessary efforts stakeholders have to exert to use technology. From switching between applications to find information, and navigating complicated workflows to being hampered by unconnected processes. All of this stands digital dexterity unnecessarily in the way.


Working within the digital landscape of collaboration and information gathering, is facilitated by aligned processes and by fostering understanding between teams during digital change initiatives and transformation.We synchronize processes and conflicting activities. We underwrite transparency with the availability and accessibility of clear information, harmonised data, real-time updates and dashboards.


We support team engagement to adopt transformation. We aim at long-term value solutions and short-term value adjustment. We pair with solid stakeholder engagement. Ultimately aimed at breaking through complex process constructs to contribute to digital technologies that provide global growth potential.

Synchronisation of processes during

  • corporate restructuring,
  • integration IT and business,
  • IT-business processes transformation,
  • service introduction,
  • pre-accreditation,
  • future way of working,
  • robotic process automation,
  • merger and acquisition,
  • governance structures and processes,
  • data governance,
  • exploitation transformation office,
  • observation, monitoring and reporting,
  • transformation Cloud.