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Tetr & Aeder Consultants, IT strategy consulting firm offers IT strategy consulting, other Digital, Change and Governance.Top 100 IT Services Companies in the Netherlands.

Managing transformation involves changing mindsets, behaviours and ways of working aimed at continuous adaptation.

We provide services within the surrounding of data centres, Cloud, telecommunications, platforms, architecture, data and the synergy between infrastructure, IT-business processes and all stakeholders involved. Unconventional thinking and pragmatic approach results in solving challenges in a way that suits the circumstances at hand.


The pragmatic approach to challenges means that we operate in a situation of uncertainty while at the same time working holistically towards the desired future direction. Transparency is important while working ahead. Transparency is about the availability and accessibility of clear information. Transparency goes hand in hand with harmonised data, real-time updates, reports and dashboards.

Engagement aligned with clear process-owners roles and entitlements
Effective collaboration between aligned teams
Data-driven steering decision-making
Accurate availability of financial impact data
Access to decentralised management portfolios
Unconventional thinkers and pragmatic innovators.
Implementation of process improvement according to industry standards. Successfully align processes is what we stand for.
  • corporate restructuring,
  • integration IT and business,
  • IT-business processes transformation,
  • robotic process automation,
  • merger and acquisition,
  • observation, monitoring and reporting office,
  • transformation Cloud.
  • future way of working,
  • bridging IT-business Gap-communication
  • service introduction,
  • pre-accreditation,
  • governance structures and processes,
  • observation, monitoring and reporting office,

  • exploitation transformation office.
  • data governance,
  • integration IT and business,
  • future way of working,
  • governance structures and processes,
  • exploitation transformation office,
  • observation, monitoring and reporting office.
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