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Digitalization and new technologies are driving fundamental changes across industries in terms of secure data, governance and stakeholder perspectives.

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Bringing in highly experienced seniority for a limited period to drive performance improvement. That starts by bridging the needs of several stakeholders and enabling them to analyse and share information from different perspectives. Focus groups- and expert sessions with stakeholders on data challenges for outcomes aimed at broadly supported solutions to streamline processes tailored to the needs of the current situation and focus on the future mode of operation.

Process alignment according to: Focus on the responsible use of -personal- data.

  • principles of trust and transparency,
  • framework for rules, procedures, roles and resource allocation,
  • compliance with the laws and regulations for each jurisdiction applicable in the transformation processes,
  • eDiscovery, due diligence, compliance, data privacy.

Process alignment according to: Identify synergies across business units with robust, data-driven insights.

  • environment that enables fast testing of new approaches and technologies,
  • practical governance models that safeguard the decision-making process,
  • implementation benefits by solving different types of challenges along the way. 

Process alignment according to: Bringing the appropriate people together to generate insights.

  • due diligence, compliance, and data privacy,
  • expanding portfolios for new offers,
  • methods and techniques for development or improvement.

Process alignment according to: Focus on compliance monitoring, processes and procedures.

  • ensure corporate governance AS-IS are adapted to the requirements of compliance,
  • integrity and accountability,
  • increase transparency and improve data quality
  • support digital end-to-end service challenges.

Process alignment according to: Review of key documents for compliance.

  • regulatory requirements and first-line supervision of data privacy management
  • regulatory requirements to support implementation Cloud activities.

Process alignment according to: Formal expertise data privacy reporting.

  • operations office on change control,
  • data changes and appropriate governance procedure.

Governance  context 

The Governance progress bar focused on the definition of key indicators of the path along sustainability and shared values aimed at clarity of information provision and data processing towards strong performance in the Governance transition.

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