Tetr & Aeder


Bringing in highly experienced executives for a limited period to solve a defined issue or drive performance improvement.

When you implement business strategies and make processes more efficient, independent executives bring the experience and qualities for transformation, change and governance. Unleashing potential through expertise for process alignment, is what we stand for.

Digital technologies offer growth potential worldwide.

Digital solutions that put people first offer new opportunities. Tetr & Aeder Consultants supports initiatives that collaborate with broad groups of leading companies, SMEs, cities, philanthropists, technology experts, academics, NGOs and citizens, accelerating the transition to build a stronger society.

If you want to accelerate transformation and process alignment, Tetr & Aeder Consultants is an independent consultancy firm that you could take into account.

Contact us today for a completely confidential conversation on balanced pricing for our services. Together we will find the solution you are looking for.

Participate in this insightful meetup. Register here

The meetup is intended for organisations and decision makers who recognise the importance of integration for their current and future results, but still need more clarity about the selection process for appropriate services.


Next meetup is on how to choose the service components that applies to your current situation, key integration considerations and implementation strategies.

Session here

You will gain varied perspectives on the Tetr & Aeder Consultants services with a comprehensive understanding of your process streamlining options  



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